Jul. 6th, 2009 07:01 pm
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Sometime I forget to post my real-life stuff in here, but I try whenever possible.

So here's some real life stuff. Last night I had a grand mal again, and apparently slammed my head and shoulder pretty hard falling out of the computer chair because now I have a black eye and a temple all bruised, and my shoulder is so tender that you can't touch it or move it much. I bit my tongue, of course.

Jessi was amazing; she held me on my side so I didn't swallow anything I might throw up, and got Emily to call 911, and ...from there we sat in the ER for...8 hours...while I got a CT scan and x-rayed and bloodwork done and generally waited on everything. Everything looked "normal". Fantastic. I wanted to throw up. (I did throw up. It was such a good time, let me tell you.) I'm pretty sure I had another semi-seizure in the hospital. Not a full grand mal, but intense tonic-clonics and myeclonics all over my body, that I was completely aware of. It was...weird. They gave me Atavan for it and it chilled out. I keep wondering why I don't just go on Atavan, because it always works in the E.R.

So then we came home at 9 in the morning and slept until now-ish.

Apparently this time I didn't forget too much of what happened other than the seizure itself, because the last thing I remember before the seizure, was building my Sims house, and that's what was still up afterwards, and by the time I was coming to they were already here to pick me up, and I remember being picked up into the ambulance. And unlike last time the way I fell wasn't impossible from the way I was sitting, so I think I just had a seizure out of nowhere. Fun times. I'm going to have to keep that chair lower so next time I send it flying across the room I'm not falling two feet down.

We, of course, just found out that I'm not on medical insurance anymore, so we're looking at signing me up for Medicaid. I have to email people to let them know that I can't come in for an interview, which really pisses me off because I can't have seizures getting in the way of jobs all the time. Dad wants me to get an epilepsy bracelet. Jessi wants me to drink more water and stop staying up so late and mostly be on the bed if I'm going to be online. That last part I know I should have been doing already, anyway.

This totally killed my "today I'm going to finish my Color Theory class, and meet with RMJ, and finish job applications!!" thing. I can barely get out of bed right now. I get random waves of nausea...definitely a concussion.

Well, enough of this cheery banter. I need to get up a little bit and see how far I can get.
Oh, and food just arrived. Nice soft food that won't hurt my tongue. Maybe I'll eat that and watch some Torchwood.
I love you all <3

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May. 15th, 2009 02:51 pm
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So, for those of you not on my girlfriend's LJ flist, yesterday was kind of...eventful.

As in, I had a grand mal seizure.

I don't have grand mal seizures (in fact, every time I explain my epilepsy I go, "okay, so you know 'convulsions', like you normally think of when someone says epilepsy? I don't have those"...well, apparently I do.), so this should be freaking me out more than it is, sort of, but really because I'm a hypochrondriac and every woman on my maternal line for a generation (eg, my mom and my mom's sister) has had grand mal seizures, I figured it was just a matter of time.

I was also terrified of the prospect, because I don't know, I thought it might be scary, or the idea of not controlling my body freaked me out, or something. I already didn't like it enough as it was: not being able to drive, sometimes not finishing sentences or repeating them, not hearing the middle of other people's sentences. The idea of full on convulsions freaked me right the fuck out.

Well, it should have, but not how I thought.

So the last thing I remember before the seizure is sitting on the bed with my rats. The first thing after the seizure I remember is Jessi telling me, "FAYE. FAYE. You had a seizure," and getting me changed and sitting me down to wait for the ambulance. She tells me later I kept backing up to things and not knowing how to sit down, and she told me that she told me I had a seizure at least four times, which I don't remember.

By the time I was in the ambulance I was mostly coherent, which was actually sort of a pain in the ass because it meant that the times I wasn't coherent (ie: "What state are you moving to?" "Chicago" "...So, the city of Illinois, then?") were as embarrassing as they were funny. But the EMTs were nice, even if the line they started was kind of painful, and for never having ridden in an ambulance before it was...actually not terrible, or especially frightening since the worst was already over.

Plus, no four hour wait in the ER! Score. Just a, y'know, four hour stay in the ER.

my day in the ER )

But yeah. Feeling fine today, except for a lingering headache and a black eye and tongue pain. Jessi's watching me like a hawk. Poor thing, she called my mom freaking out yesterday and was very clingy all of yesterday. :( :( :( I don't like freaking her out.

Photos of my war wounds! )

On the good side, afterwards Courtney (and Foster) picked us up and we got Sonic since we hadn't eaten all day. Mmmm cranberry slushy. And, we have a new rattie! We named her Blind Mag after the Sarah Brightman character in Repo! The Genetic Opera, since albino rats are mostly blind. (Plus, as I realized later, Mag is a derivative of Margaret, which means "Pearl", and she's a soft ivory white, compared to Nico's stark white). Incidentally, if you haven't seen Repo, you must.

I still want a white rattie named Vanya, but possibly a totally shy, OCD, passive one is not the one. (Mag and Nico got along so well in part because every time Nico did something dominant to test her, Mag just backed away and let her go instead of fighting. Now they just groom eachother. Cute.)

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