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Name:astaria51's archives
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I am not sure why I haven't gotten around to writing this thing yet. I still don't exactly know what to put here that's simultaneously funny and true. Um. 23. Live in Chicago. Engaged to lunamorgan, but I still call her my "girlfriend" not my "fiancee" because I like the word better. Living with her and the lovely modernsaints, both of whom I met over the internet.

Bisexual, even though I don't believe in the binary gender system (long story involving my annoyance with biphobia). Actually, I don't believe in most binaries (except for binary code, which runs my computer, hurrah). Freelance web designer. Fan of all things glittery. Often a bit of a pack creature.

This is sort of my fandom journal, in that I ramble about celebrities and silly things a lot: I write fake things about real people, so if that's a problem for you you might want to go elsewhere. (I also write assorted other kinds of fiction, but somehow it's never as controversial to imply that Merlin is gay, or, for that matter, that your own characters are.)

If you're looking for just real life (which, I might add, is here too), you can find that over at wildefae@dreamwidth.

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