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How was everyone's day/evening?

Today we had plans to go to Graceland Cemetary (one of the largest park-style cemetaries in the US, and home of dozens of famous people, including a bunch of Chicago's most famous architects [Burnham has his own island he's entombed on. Like fucking Avalon.]) Anyway, that didn't pan out, but we still have plans to go sometime.

It was sort of good that we didn't, anyway, because we ended up using an entire 1GB memory card taking pictures of me running around like a douchebag in my Killjoys costume.

For the unaware/uninitiated/un...obsessed?, the Killjoys are from MCR's new album (Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys). MTV actually does a better job getting into depth with the new album and its details than I could, or even, weirdly, than MCR does for the most part, so I'll just link you: My Chemical Romance tag @ Definitely, definitely watch the new video.

Done with that?
Okay, so. MCR have been encouraging their fans to dress up as Killjoys (hardly necessary: when I saw the new video I was already planning my costume) and develop characters. Hence, a lot of running around picture taking.

Karma Carrion just wanted to be a writer. She wanted to help people. She wanted to make a difference.
She ended up writing scripts for Fact News (The Only News!), because after all, the public needed The Truth.
That was before it all started. The takeover they never saw coming. The rebellion they always should have.

When she survived -- eyes newly open to how many lives had been destroyed due in part to the lies she had helped spread -- she was sure of only one thing: there is no Truth. People get what they deserve in life. And she has to live her life trying to make up for what she's done.

Her mask has the emblem of Fact News on it - so she can never forget, or maybe for the last laugh - and she wears a white "karma bracelet" (juzu) for protection against bad karma and obstacles.

So that's my character (created with generous help from Jessi/[ profile] lunamorgan, who also took these fantastic photos), and...these are approximately a tenth of the photos we took. That we kept. Seriously, we took 300 pictures o_O


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