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As I mentioned to someone - or possibly just in my last LJ post - I love trailers. And is a good way of feeding the addiction. I'm not going to talk too much here, so apologies for not cutting,'s just a bunch of videos.


Dude, I LOVED the original Fame, ok? And I had friends who went to LaGuardia, plus I went to an art school in Hartford, so I take art school musicals with a grain of salt. But this looks really good :D And I am SO PLEASED that they didn't grab all the Disney kids for it.

It Might Get Loud

A documentary about Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White? Sign me up. Also, hello Jack looking pretty (as always).

District 9

Looks like an intriguing take on a "done" subject...but it could go horribly, horribly badly. We'll see.


I've always liked Amelia Aerhart, so putting Hilary Swank + Richard Gere + Ewan McGregor + Christopher Eccleston in a movie about her makes the whole thing pretty appealing, frankly.

I don't know if I posted this particular trailer for The 27 Club before, but it's a good one:

I've been wanting desperately to see that movie ever since I first heard about it. The fact that the main character is Joe Anderson, who I loved in Across The Universe, helps, along with the road-trip-ensemble-cast mentality of the movie, and. Uh. The fact that I like movies about musicians that strongly resemble Kurt Cobain?

Anyway, here's another clip from the movie that I liked.

Finn's Rise To Fame:

Yeaaah, there's probably going to be some prequel fanfic written about those two boys >_>

I still have no idea when it's going to be available on DVD :| Right now it's available through IFC On-Demand, and if you're in London, it's going to be in theatrical release this and next week, you lucky bastards.

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