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Films I must see when I next have access to them in theatres, or when they hit DVD, whichever comes first: (Yes, I have discovered TrailerAddict, and it is not a good thing, because I budget in enough time and money for about a movie a month o_O;)

The 27 Club

Joe Anderson is my movie boyfriend. Every time I watch this trailer I want to see the movie a little more.

Sounds Like Teen Spirit:

(I'm a sucker for documentaries and films involving kids, and accomplishing useless but great feats. Bouncy pop music is a side bonus.)

Oh look, another documentary!


The trailer is a little heavy-handed (in English at least) but it's not LYING. I also think this must be by the same guys who did Winged Migration, which was absolutely STUNNING. I would watch this just for the visuals, even if I completely disagreed, which I obviously don't.

Movie I haven't decided on yet.

My Sister's Keeper:

I read a little of the book and wasn't thrilled, but this puts it on the screen in what feels to me like a way more compelling way, plus, look how much Abigail Breslin has grown up in terms of acting (and how PRETTY she's going to be o_O)! I don't know who plays her sister in this, but she also seems really good. I just don't know if they're going to keep it at the appropriate level of tear-jerker or a little too overwrought. (But then, I like Life As a House, which is definitely overwrought.)

Not in the next month, but have to see, regardless:

Harry Potter (trailer of AWESOME, er, I mean, trailer C):

500 Days of Summer (if you haven't seen this trailer you HAVE TO):

Public Enemies:


I have to wait till DECEMBER for that?

[edit: fixed!]

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